Monday, 1 February 2010

Ashu Weds Senge...the background work

Planning a wedding? Easier said than done!

I felt very honoured when my childhood friend Senge decided to use Maison d’Afie to design and create all her friends of the bride clothes. Initially I had very ambitious ideas of parading the girls in the most outrageous looks and of course showing up in the most fascinating dress but after spending oodles of my precious time in the market and in the sewing room, I realized a lot of the plans I had for the wedding were unrealistic given the time I had to prepare and Ialso had to remind myself that this wasn’t my day and my focus really had to be on making the ladies look pretty and dressed. Yes simply dressed.

The more time I allowed my creative juices to flow, the better I got at it though I changed my mind about designs and accessorizing fabrics every other day. It was a tough task but I have to tell you it was enjoyable and I’d do it all over again.

I’ts always easy when you know who you are designing for and when everyone of them is really cooperative and understanding but on the downside, you get asked to make last minute alterations that impinge into your delivery schedule.

For those of you who know Senge, you’d admit with me that she is one girl who’s always known what she wants and stands her ground. She is very understanding but does not compromise on her standards and I had to meet up to this. Imagine how much pressure this put me under…Frida was absolutely adorable running errands with me, sending text messages when I was too stressed up to even think and just being encouraging and supportive.

In the end we conquered fear, anticipation, anxiety and delivered. I am glad the designs matched the theme of the wedding and most especially that the bride was pleased with the work.

We are now open to more orders for 2010/2011. We will be accepting 10 weddings this year and we are already at 4. Once we hit our target for the year we will no longer accept to do any other weddings. Every bride has a dream wedding and we want to make this dream come true so we give you this lone chance to boss us around unless if you need expert in house style counseling for your friends and family. We may choose fabrics for you if you do not have your own fabrics but we strongly recommend you use our designs as it gets really tricky when trying to design someone else’s idea.

Hope to hear from you on the website or on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I really like the dresses. How do i place an order?

Dibs said...

way to go sis...loved the dresses....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous if you email sales@maisondafie with your request one of us will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. I'll be waiting then

Mon petite Niche said...

I love the outfits and I like that you choose to make each girl's own slightly different* but of course using the same fabric.

Martha said...

Nice wedding. I love the dresses and their colour.